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Wedding photo, Budapest, c. 1920s (submitted by awkward-humanbeing)

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Francis Picabia, Portrait of a Doctor, 1935-1938

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Photography by Nat Von Sky, an artist from London, UK

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Aurélien Villette, Spirit of Place

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Cinemagraphs by Daria Khoroshavina

Daria Khoroshavina is a 27-year-old, Moscow-based photographer from Russia. She usually does portraiture, but always trying to experiment with styles and techniques. Together with Olga Kolesnikova - the food stylist, created the project “Kitchen Ghosts”, that combines the worlds of film, photography, and food into eerie cinemagraphs.

Let’s make #CrossConnect the most popular hashtag on Twitter! 

posted by Margaret

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Photomanipulations by Justin Peters

Justin Peters (featured previously) is a German digital artist who merges reality with his imagination. Check out his portfolio and Instagram.

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Thou feedest us at Thy holy supper, and buildest for us a tower in Sion; Thou visitest the sinful, O Lord, Thou feedest them with Thy Flesh.

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Dean Cornwell - Story illustration - 1918

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Third print in my classical series! 
inspired by Rachmaninov’s Isle of the Dead

on sale now right here! 

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Metropolitan Museum Defends Balthus Painting After Petition Demands Its Removal via:

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the catlady

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Multi-Colored Canvases by Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak

Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak is a Polish contemporary artist (b. 1983) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Competition finalist for the Siemens Artistic Award (2012) and winner of the Grand Prix Foundation Frances Eibisch (2012). Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak undoubtedly creates works very feminine. Drawing inspiration from the world and women around her, Ewa paints with intense, saturated colors to illustrate a vibrant and magical realm. She is represented by 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

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