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Creation of the fresco “War and Peace” at the Chapel of the Castle of Vallauris by Pablo Picasso, photography by Brassaï,1953

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Illustrations by Henn Kim

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Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, Italian, 1727 – 1804, Punchinellos Hunting Waterfowl, c. 1800, pen and ink with wash over charcoal, National Gallery of Art

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Paintings by Ai Gonoi   五ノ井愛 

Ai Gonoi is a Japanese illustrator from Fukushima.

I am obsessed about coloring with transparent watercolors and acrylic paint. I am interested in painting “the material of humans,” such as the skin or the eyes, and I want to draw people in a way that one could feel as if they were here. 

From long ago, I’ve always been more drawn to dark, silent things rather than bright, vigorous, cute things, and I was also rescued by those kinds of works. I paint because I want to get closer to the feelings of those who feel lonely, isolated, anxious, or afraid of the world surrounding them, and I want to paint pictures that can be at least of a little help to them.

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What we’re reading, Johan Deckmann

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Miss Gladys M. Holman Hunt (“The School of Nature”) by William Holman Hunt, 1893-1894

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Digital Artist:

Domenico D'Alisa

“EUHEMERISM (EATEN Characters Concept)”

“Euhemerism” is the following of the personal free-time project EATEN.
The base idea for the characters concept was try to image a modern, murky religious icon, but something less godly and more human.
The main character have a total of 30,657 faces and 61,292 triangles.
Software used:
-Zbrush for base concept, human body, early retopology and cloth sculpting
-Marvelous Designer 5 for cloths
-Blender for retopology, baking and painting textures, props, rig and pose
-Photoshop CS6 for textures and post-processing
-Cycles for rendering

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Photography by Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka, a native of the Czech Republic who lives in Prague is a self-taught photographer. He creates images that appear to be stills from a film - one that walks the line between fantasy and reality.

My photos are like a personal diary where I attempt to describe all of my feelings and stories with a single photo”.

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Miranda Meeks

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Divisor (Divide), by Lygia Pape, 1968.

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Miles Johnston

“I haven’t worked on this for weeks between teaching and all the recent pencil work. I’m in no rush either, but since I’ll be out of my studio over summer I thought I’d post a pic showing where it’s at. Ideally this will be the centre piece of a show I have lined up next year. Dimensions are 1.8x1.2m so it’s the biggest thing I’ve worked on. Much love hope you’re all doing well out there on Earth.“

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Jeeyoung Lee (Opiom Gallery)

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Lori Hersberger

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The Art of Fumage by Steven Spazuk

Artist Steven Spazuk uses a technique called Fumage using fire and soot to create his art.  This gives his work an ephemeral quality.  You can see our previous post of his work HERE.  See more of Steven’s work on Instagram.  h/t Faith is Torment.  

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