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Peek at a series of images I’ve been working on…

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Shusaku Takaoka

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Quirky Murals and Street Interventions of Anonymous Silhouette Figures by Daan Botlek via .@Colossal

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The Lost Symbol ~ Mira Nedyalkova

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Anish Kapoor at Lisson Gallery.

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Katie Eleanor

“The Botanist’s Widow”

“With Jeanne Madic.”

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On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Edward Hopper a British agency, Verve Search for Orbitz chose to give life to the most famous paintings of the painter, creating pretty animated GIFs.

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Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant. Empress Theodora. 1997

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Claude Monet, Women in the garden, 1866

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Illustrations by Turkish painter Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu

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DORÉ, Gustave (1832-1883)

Fallen Angels
Edd. Origg. (x x)

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Nicholas Stathopoulos - Art Inspirited by Architecture and 2001

Nicholas Stathopoulos (Nick Stath) is an artist and architect.  His work is full of grand structures that dwarf small, lone astronaut.  In an email interview Nick explains that,

I have always had a passion for drawing and film, one of my biggest influences being Stanley Kubrick’s 2001:A Space Odyssey. I was drawn to the visionary aspect of the film and of course the black monolith - a simple, yet mysterious object that appeared to have so much power, it fascinated me and still does!

Nick’s architectural background helps him capture that large clean design that Kubrick used in 2001.  Nick’s art inspires that same sense of awe.  You can keep up with Nicholas Stathopoulos’s art on his Instagram Page,  or buy prints of his work at Redbubble.  Thanks to Ignant.

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Posted by Lisa.

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Sculptures by Hannes van Severen

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Matej Andraž Vogrinčič - When on a Winter’s Night a Traveller, 2005

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Erigone Standing

Anne Louis Girodet de Roussy Trioson

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