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David Uzochukwu

Photographer based in Brussels. Delving into self-portraiture at age thirteen, he discovered his liking for emotional imagery (and dramatic skies).

Clients include NikeWomen, Vogue Netherlands, Wonderland Magazine, Free Magazine, Dazed Digital, Numéro, Hunger Magazine, Warner Music, Opéra National de Paris, Adobe Photoshop, and Diez Music.


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Viviane Sassen - Nungwi, from the series “Parasomnia”

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Mary Jane Ansell Assembles New Portraits in Show via @hifructosemag

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Painting by Anatoly Kontsub

Born 1949, is a famous Belarusian artist in painting and ceramics.

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The Atmospheric Watercolour Photography of  Jamie Heiden

Jamie Heiden, an artist from Wisconsin that “…by using Polaroid film, adding watercolors on top of a photograph, or processing digital images in Photoshop, she tries to represent these slices of time and create an image that shows the magic in this reality yet still represents that exact moment…“. Txt Via

For more information and images, visit her flickr account, her facebook and website.

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© Inka Lindergaard and Niclas Holmstroem

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Peek at a series of images I’ve been working on…

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Shusaku Takaoka

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Quirky Murals and Street Interventions of Anonymous Silhouette Figures by Daan Botlek via .@Colossal

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The Lost Symbol ~ Mira Nedyalkova

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Anish Kapoor at Lisson Gallery.

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Katie Eleanor

“The Botanist’s Widow”

“With Jeanne Madic.”

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On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Edward Hopper a British agency, Verve Search for Orbitz chose to give life to the most famous paintings of the painter, creating pretty animated GIFs.

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