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Illustrations by Jerbing

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Roberto Ferri.
Ferri, born in Italy in the 1970s, creates realistic works that seem to mimic mythological subjects of the baroque period.

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Hybrid creatures of the natural world by Lisa Ericson

Lisa Ericson is an artist and designer based in Portland, Oregon and is known for her surreal and hyperrealistic animal paintings. Having studied painting at Yale she embarked upon a career in illustration and graphic design. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook.

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posted by Margaret  

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The Temptation

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Russian Artist Elena Limkina Reveals Her Mysterious Sketchbook To The World, And It’s Full Of Visual Secrets.

If you’ve got an old soul, you’ll be enamored by the delightfully old-fashioned work of Moscow-based artist Elena Limkina. Every week, she offers the world a glimpse into her personal sketchbook, and its pages tell vivid stories of nature, architecture, and classical paintings.

Though Limkina specializes in watercolour materials, she’s also very handy with a dip pen, and uses both to bring shadows and luminosity, respectively, to various botanical and scientific illustrations. “I have been painting since childhood,” she writes on her official website. “I’ve been studying medical engineering, but my passion for fine arts has taken precedence.” A wide variety of influences have clearly come to bear on her style, such as Baroque, Renaissance, and perhaps a touch of modernism; her flower paintings wouldn’t look out of place in the portfolio of Georgia O'Keefe.

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Posted by Andrew

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The Temptation

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The Moon and Magic Totem.

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Elsa Lanchester in 1935′s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

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Creation of the fresco “War and Peace” at the Chapel of the Castle of Vallauris by Pablo Picasso, photography by Brassaï,1953

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Illustrations by Henn Kim

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Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, Italian, 1727 – 1804, Punchinellos Hunting Waterfowl, c. 1800, pen and ink with wash over charcoal, National Gallery of Art

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Paintings by Ai Gonoi   五ノ井愛 

Ai Gonoi is a Japanese illustrator from Fukushima.

I am obsessed about coloring with transparent watercolors and acrylic paint. I am interested in painting “the material of humans,” such as the skin or the eyes, and I want to draw people in a way that one could feel as if they were here. 

From long ago, I’ve always been more drawn to dark, silent things rather than bright, vigorous, cute things, and I was also rescued by those kinds of works. I paint because I want to get closer to the feelings of those who feel lonely, isolated, anxious, or afraid of the world surrounding them, and I want to paint pictures that can be at least of a little help to them.

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